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Fire of Grace: The Healing Power of Forgiveness

ISBN 9780806651125
FORMAT Paperback
PUBLISHER Augsburg Books
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Trinity Lutheran Church was burned to the ground by one of the most prolific arsonists in the history of the United States. When Paul Keller was finally apprehended and imprisoned, one of his first visitors was Rick Rouse, pastor of the church he burned. Pastor Rouse said that he was compelled by Christ to visit Paul and offer him his personal forgiveness.
That simple and profound act began a process of healing and transformation that included the entire congregation, the victims of arson, and his family. Through sharing his story — and highlighting other stories of forgiveness — Pastor Rouse outlines the path toward reconciliation that many have experienced when relying upon God's gift of forgiveness.
Perfect for small group discussion. A film about the church and their journey is available: Forgiveness: A Miracle of Love 
"The troubled man who lit fires in 1993 no longer exists. The Paul Keller of today is one of the finest men I know. Charged with a fatal fire on his Father's birthday, he pled guilty though innocent, to spare his family more grief. Refined by the fire of the Holy Spirit, he burns with passion for the Lord. As a free man in bondage to satan, he has been set free behind bars, by the power of Jesus Christ. No longer a man to be feared, he is a man of great character and I am proud of him."-- Susan Barron (cousin of Paul Keller)
Table of Contents
Part One - The Road to Forgiveness
Chapter 1: The Fire  (Stage One: Denial)
Chapter 2: A People in Exile  (Stage Two: Anger)
Chapter 3: A Time to Forgive?  (Stage Three: Bargaining)
Chapter 4: Starting Over  (Stage Four: Depression)
Chapter 5: A Light in the Darkness  (Stage Five: Acceptance)
Part Two - Reconciling and Restoring Relationships: A Journey of Discipleship
Chapter 6: A Time to Rebuild (Step One: Acknowledging the Need for Forgiveness)
Chapter 7: A Place for Redemption (Step Two: Working through Forgiveness)
Chapter 8: New Life Out of Ashes (Step Three: Receiving God's Grace)
Chapter 9: The Miracle Continues (Step Four: Living a Reconciled Life)