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    Zoom with author Rick Rouse

    Is your group planning a book study?


    Rev. Dr. Rick Rouse, co-author of

    The World is About to Turn: Mending a Nation's Broken Faith

    is happy to join your group for a complimentary online session.


    This offer is available, on a first come-first served basis, for groups of twelve or more who are reading & discussing this book. Books may be purchased individually or as a group from Chalice Press, Amazon, or your local bookstore.


    To schedule and for more information, contact Rick at rwrouse@comcast.net


    Sample Topics for Keynotes, Workshops & Classes from Rick Rouse

    The World is About to Turn

    Based on his book of the same title, co-authored with Paul Ingram, Pastor Rouse will help groups, whether within a faith tradition or in a multi-faith setting explore ways that they can help be positive catalysts for change in our nation and the world through listening deeply to one another, being advocates for social justice and offering support to those in need.

    Mending our Nation's Broken Faith
    America is at a crossroads, dealing with a great political divide and racial injustice.  How have we strayed so far from, and more importantly, how can we return to, God’s intended vision of beloved community? In this workshop, Rev. Dr. Rick Rouse draws from the insights of his new book The World is About to Turn: Mending a Nation’s Broken Faith, reminding us of what we have in common as people of faith.  We will explore concrete ideas for moving forward into a new future with love, respect, and mutual understanding.

    Seven Transformational Keys for a Missional Congregation

    A workshop for congregational leaders who want to learn more about what it takes to be a congregation focused on God’s mission. Pastor Rouse will share the vital signs of a missional church and explore ways to help congregations reclaim their vocation as a mission outpost and training center for today’s disciples. Rouse will share insights from the book he co-authored on the topic with Craig Van Gelder: A Field Guide for the Missional Congregation: Embarking on a Journey of Transformation.

    The Healing Power of Forgiveness

    Whether as a keynote, seminar or half-day retreat, your audience will explore the radical and transforming nature of God’s grace. Pastor Rick Rouse, author of Fire of Grace: The Healing Power of Forgiveness shares a personal and moving story of an arsonist and a congregation in the Seattle area along with other vignettes on forgiveness from scripture, literature, and current affairs. He also utilizes a film of this incredible story entitled “Forgiveness: A Miracle of Love”. Participants will explore the five stages of forgiveness that include: 1) denial, 2) anger, 3) bargaining, 4) depression, and 5) acceptance; and learn how to apply this process to their own lives and faith communities.

    Looking for a different topic?

    Please contact Rick Rouse to discuss how he might assist you and your group!

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    Sample Topics for Keynotes, Workshops & Classes from Paul O. Ingram

    Topics in Interreligious dialogue such as:

    • "Buddhist-Christian Dialogue” “
    • “Buddhist-Christian Dialogue in an Age of Science”
    • “Can a Christian be a Buddhist, Too?”
    • “Can a Christian be a Muslim, Too?”


    Various topics related to science and faith, such as:

    • “Models of Buddhist-Christian Dialogue with the Natural Sciences”
    • “The Challenge of Contemporary Cosmology”
    • “Christian and Buddhist Responses to Evolutionary Biology”
    • “Interreligious Dialogue with the Cognitive Sciences”

    General History of Religions topics such as:

    • “The teachings and practices of Hinduism”
    • “The teachings and practices of Buddhism”
    • “The teachings and practices of Daoist and Confucian traditions”
    • “The teachings and practices of Islam”

    Looking for a different topic?

    Please contact Paul Ingram to discuss how he might assist you and your group!